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You are literally clicks away from receiving your personalized look at your doorstep. As many times as you want, order and receive our boxes filled with high-end clothes and accessories from many luxury brands, selected by our personal stylists. We will ship you clothes that will perfectly fit your preferences, style and wallet.

Our stylists are experts in Women's fashion. Should you need a personalized look to wear casually, or at work or at any other event, you will always get the best tips and advices for your own style.

Runway 2 Doorway's personal stylist service was created to help busy, savvy and distinguished women just like you.

Be at your best... in three simple steps.


Fill up the questionnaire.

The more we know you, the happier you will be when you will unfold the box our personal stylist made for you.


Request a look and approve what your R2D personal stylist has prepared for you.

Review the clothes and accessories selected for the look you've request. Approve or remove any item*. Your box is now ready to be shipped to your door. *maximum of 5 pieces per box


Put on your new style and return what doesn’t suit you. No fees attached.

Pay only for clothes and accessories that you really want. Feel free to order a new style and repeat steps 2 and 3 as many times as you like !

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